The perfect choice for adding color, length, or volume.

  • Human Hair Tape IN Extensions
  • Vomor Tape In Extensions 
  • Dome Monofibre Extensions


Fuller more beautiful hair can happen in a few easy steps. Hair Extensions are being widely used today to provide volume, thickness, color and length.Vomor Tape Ins provide this opportunity to women using the highest quality human hair with salon Diversions expertly trained stylists transform your look in  little time.

* Extensions are available in salon, so you can avoid ordering and waiting. You could have fuller or longer hair today.

* There are length options to allow you to customize your desired look.

* There are 28 blendable colors

* The innovative tape system is easily applied and can be reapplied

* There is no compromising the integrity of your natural hair

* All hair is ethically sourced

The application last of 6 to 8 weeks, however with proper care, reconditioning and reapplying, you are able to use your same extensions for up to a full year. Schedule a consultation today with your stylist and have your extensions applied in the same time of a regular color/cut appointment. No longer do you need to spend hours in the salon.

Please refer to our Before and After picture.

Monofibre hair extensions are perfect choice if :

  • You want an immediate change…why wait years for your hair to grow if a single salon visit provides an instant fix.
  • You want thicker hair…forget volume boosting potions and lotions, hair extensions give maximum body and lift.
  • You want to improve the texture of you hair…add glossy, healthy extensions to improve the overall look of frizzy, dull or unhealthy hair.
 Here are some practical reasons to opt for Monofibre hair extension   
Monofibre does not have a mind of its own like your own hair.
There is no damage to your natural hair or damage to the scalp They are undetectable as they are secured in small sections They are comfortable as they are lighter than human hair No harsh glue or solvents are used in the application or removal They are low maintenance Application is quick and shouldn’t take longer than 3 hours for a full transformation
Removal is fast and doesn’t take more than 45 minutes
They last as long as 3 months but can be removed sooner if desired
They can be colour matched on the spot and the colour is guaranteed – what you see is what you get.
You can revert back to your original style whenever you choose
The colours never fade even when exposed to sunlight, salty or chlorine water


No glues, bonding agents, chemicals or wefts are used in the application process ensuring free flowing natural looking Hair extensions, that allow you to run your fingers through your hair. A hair friendly process that is clean, simple, and safe ensuring no damage whatsoever for the hair or scalp. Any color combination is achievable by our highly trained staff who custom blend to match any hair color.This results in a tailor-made perfect match to the natural hair. With Salon Diversions Hair Extensions, both as a stylist and as a client, you can feel confident that you have the safest most professional system with the highest quality of training and customer support behind you, along with a wealth of knowledge to answer all your questions.Salon Diversions Hair Extensions outperform natural hair and keep its silky lustre with low maintenance for a minimum of 3 months. It is the hair you have always wanted, mixed to match any color, undetectable in your hair and giving you a completely natural look.
Hair Extensions are not purely for transforming length but adding volume, color or overriding the texture of your natural hair.
 You want to add color without using chemicals on your natural hair. Gain a splash of color, whether bright primary, pastel, or natural color,  instantly with no fading and no permanent commitment for your natural hair. 

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